Program of Study

Training Distinctives

Church Based- We believe that there is a huge benefit for ministry training if it is done in the context of local church ministry. We are not against traditional seminary, however our purpose is best carried out under the oversight and evaluation of our church. This is how we are able to provide an immense practical experience for our students.

Pastoral Mentorship- "Shepherds training shepherds" is not just a slogan but the basis for this ministry. Students will train under the mentorship of the pastors of Grace Bible Church much like someone would learn to shepherd from a shepherd. 

Well Rounded- We seek to develop students in theology, practical experience, and spiritual development. We are not merely concerned about theological rigor but also christian character and devotional practice.

Practical Theology- We do not view a distinction between theology and practice. What we do is always connected to what we think. All areas of theology are practical and useful for ministry.

Dr. Jeffrey D. Johnson- B.S, M.Rel., Th.D Veritas Theological Seminary

Dr. Robert Gonzales- B.A, M.A, Ph.D Bob Jones University

Dr. Tom Nettles- B.A, M.Div, Ph.D Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Keith Throop- B.A, M.Div, Covenant Theological Seminary

Greg Nichols- M.Div, Reformed Baptist Seminary

Dr. Voddie Baucham- M.Div, D.Min, D.D, Seminary Dean at African Christian University

Dr. Joel Beeke- Ph.D. President of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

Faculty and Lecturers


Master/Diploma of Ministry in Pastoral Studies- Whether you are serving in missions, church planting or an existing local church you will be pastoring. This 48 hour program is designed to provide essential training for ministry in various context.

Master/Diploma of Ministry in Pastoral Studies

Training Format

Training is carried out in three avenues of study.

Training Events- We will host three to four training events per year. These are intensive courses taught by renowned lecturers from different seminaries and theological traditions.

Practicum- Students are expected to participated in practicums designed to provide practical experience in three areas of training. Preaching/Teaching, Service, and spiritual development.


Residential- Currently we teach one residential course per year which is a weekly course taught within an eight week term format.


Reformed Baptist Seminary

We are partnered with Reformed Baptist Seminary to help carry out our mission. RBS is an online seminary that is based in Sacramento California. We are theologically aligned and share very similar philosophies for theological education. RBS is our partner for training events and has been our guide in forming our program. We encourage any student wishing to pursue an M.Div after completing our program to continue with RBS, seeing as we share the same academic standards and our curriculum crosses over in multiple areas.


Grace Bible Institute is an Affiliate institution of the Association of Reformed Theological Seminaries. As such, it participates in and contributes to collegial and professional development activities of the Association, and is committed to the quality of education ARTS promotes. Affiliate status does not, however, constitute, imply, or presume ARTS Commission on Accreditation accredited status at present or in the future.


The following benefits of affiliation are taken from the ARTS Affiliate Program Description.

1. Affiliates are encouraged to participate in the collegiality, fellowship and accountability structure of ARTS.

2. Affiliates are allowed and encouraged to attend, as non-voting members, all ARTS meetings, and participate in ARTS committes.

3. Affiliates are allowed to develop academic relationships with any and all ARTS members. The Executive Director for ARTS-COA will help structure these academic relationships with other ARTS member schools.

4. Affiliates desiring to become full ARTS members and seek assistance from the Executive Director for ARTS-COA on how to proceed in progressing to full ARTS membership.